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Got plaque?
What a stress test won't tell you
  • Have you had a positive calcium score?
  • Are you talking with your doctor about a stress test or cardiac cath?
  • Have you had a CIMT?
  • Would you like to know more about plaque?
It's the cause of heart attack and stroke, and therefore the most common cause of death (through heart attack) and disability - through stroke. So you really should know. Come find out everything you need to know about this item.

Our Attendees Testimonials

“I just want to express my gratitude for the work you're doing. We're roughly similar in age... I have to tell you that I and many others, I'm sure, appreciate your effort. Because staggering that mainstream medical community can be as far off base. But really, people are in dying numbers that are just incredible when [they] don't have to. Your work is, you know, as far as I'm concerned, God's work.” - Brad
"I think the seminars are fantastic, and I really enjoyed your video blogs. But you've given me a lot of great information. I think you're really doing the service out there, particularly when you talk about these doctors today that are just missing the point. So many people are not doing well, dying, having cardiac instances because they're not testing for the right thing. So I really appreciate that." - Nadine
"Because of your videos, my husband and I both got our CIMTs last year and have a second one scheduled for June... thank you for your great info.” - Karen
What you will get from PrevMed's
Plaque Webinar

Webinar 199


With 3 included videos
Learn the difference between soft plaque and hard plaque, and which type of plaque is more stable. Also, watch Dr. Ford Brewer as he simplifies all the technical details you will find in your CIMT report. 

Join 1 live Q&A session with Dr. Ford BrewerAsk a world-class prevention specialist questions about your own CIMT results during the live session.  

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